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Bridging the gap from theory to practice in providing behavior change support

The HealthChange® Model of Behavior Change and HealthChange® Methodology

The HealthChange Associates HealthChange® Model of Behavior Change addresses the problem of adherence to lifestyle change and treatment advice by providing a practical framework for embedding behavior change support into clinical services and lifestyle programs.

The HealthChange® Model of Behavior Change provides a behavior change methodology and clinical practice decision framework for integrating client-centered communication and behavior change support into clinical consultations and programs in a time-efficient manner. It provides practitioners with an evidence-based health behavior change clinical pathway to complement usual clinical pathways for the prevention and treatment of health conditions and recovery from injury and illness. The purpose of the approach is to increase the likelihood that clients will act in accordance with referral, lifestyle and treatment recommendations appropriate to their health conditions and risk factors.                       

  RICk: Readiness, Importance, Confidence, knowledge | E-b: Evidence-based

The methodology is comprised of a foundation of six recommended knowledge and skills sets for clinicians that have been integrated into; a set of Practice Principles to guide the client-centered clinical communication style; a set of Essential Behavior Change Techniques that can be used to identify and address barriers to change, and a 10 Step Decision Framework that acts as a decision tool for clinicians to use in their consultations.

The model draws from similar principles and techniques to those used in motivational interviewing, solution-focused coaching and cognitive behavioral therapy. However, it differs from these approaches in that it builds on all of these skill sets and provides an overarching framework for the integration of these approaches and others into specific clinical or health promotion programs. The HealthChange® Model integrates numerous models and theoretical concepts from the evidence-based health behavior change literature. It bridges the gap between behavior change theory and practice in the domain of health service provision.

In conjunction with its theoretical model and skills training, HealthChange Associates provides skills development, quality assurance and capacity building tools and mechanisms for clinicians and health services to assist, measure and track transfer of behavior change support skills from training into practice. A more detailed description of the HealthChange Model is provided in Section 1 of the HealthChange Practitioner's Guide.


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