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The HealthChange® Methodology encourages a trial and error philosophy for clinicians and clients.

Skills Development Tools

HealthChange Associates provides a number of downloadable resources with tips and tools for using the HealthChange® Methodology and developing health behavior change support skills.  HealthChange Associates also encourages clinicians to share what they learn with others to help embed the HealthChange® Methdology in clinical practice.  By using the skills audit tools and resources to review skills development (such as audio recording client sessions), clinicians not only improve their skills in using the HealthChange® Methodology but can also use the process to write up client cases to share with others.

Testimonial of benefit of recording client session:

'Since I have started to record my sessions I have found that I am more confident in being able to work through the process. I have found it invaluable to listen back to the session to prepare for the next, I sometimes realise that I need to go back to an issue or step that was not covered adequately. It allows me to hear the client again and often I will pick up on the barriers more clearly so they can be addressed at the next session. Recording seems to help the client focus as well, it seems to control the story-telling. This may be as I am now watching for it and also watching the time because it does help to keep you to time. I thoroughly recommend having a go at recording your sessions, you can only benefit from the experience.

Physiotherapist in a telephonic health coaching role, Australia. 

Click here to read profession-specific case stories clinicians are sharing with HealthChange Associates.

Skills Development Tools

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