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The HealthChange® Methodology encourages a trial and error philosophy for clinicians and clients.

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HealthChange Associates has extensive free resources available for download including, practice guides, client worksheets and skills development resources.


J. Gale's Publications
Gale, J. (2014). HealthChange® Methodology for patient-centred care and behaviour change support. HealthChange Australia. To purchase a copy click here. To download an excerpt click here

Gale, J. and Bills, C. (2014). Transforming Practice into Best Practice. InMotion, Australian Physiotherapy Association, May, 30-32. To download a copy click here.

Gale, J., & Skouteris, H (2013). Health coaching: Facilitating health behaviour change for chronic condition prevention and self-management. In M. Caltabiano & L. Ricciardelli (Eds.), Handbook of Applied Topics in Health Psychology. Wiley-Blackwell Publishers, Brisbane, Australia. To contact the author click here

Hill, B., Skouteris, H., McCabe, M., Milgrom, J., Kent, B., Herring, S., Hartley-Clark, L., Gale, J. (2013). A Conceptual Model of Risk and Protective Factors for Excessive Gestational Weight Gain. Midwifery, 29, 110-114
Bennell, K.L., Egerton, T., Bills. C., Gale, J., Kolt, G.S., Bunker, S.J., Hunter, D.J., Brand, C.A., Forbes, A., Harris, A. and Hinman, R.S. (2012). Addition of telephone coaching to a physiotherapist-delivered physical activity program in people with knee osteoarthritis: A randomised controlled trial protocol. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, 13:246 (11 Dec 2012).  To open link to site click here
Skouteris, H., McCabe, M., Milgron, J., Kent, B., Bruce, L., Mihalopoulos, C., Herring, S., Barnett, M., Patterson, D., Teale, G., & Gale, J. (2012), Protocol of a randomised controlled trial of a specialised health coaching intervention to prevent excessive gestational weight gain and postpartum weight retention in women: the HIPP study. BMC Public Health, 12:78
Gale, J., (2012). A Practical Guide to Health Behaviour Change Using the HCA Approach. 
Gale, J (2010), Health Coaching Guide for Health Practitioners: Using the HCA model of health coaching, Health Coaching Australia  
Gale, J., (2010). The HCA Model: An integrated model of health behaviour change for chronic disease prevention and chronic disease self-management. 
 Other Publications 
Bunker, S. (2011). A Brief Review of Health Coaching Interventions for People with Chronic Conditions. ADMA Newsletter, Vol 8, Number 2, pp11-12. To download click here
Kubina, N., & Kelly, J. (2007). Navigating Self-Management: A practical approach to implementation for Australian health care agencies,Whitehorse Division of General Practice.  To download click here.

Articles about HealthChange® Methodology

 175kB Gale, J., & Bills, C. (2014), Transforming Practice into Best Practice, InMotion Magazine, May 2014  
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Howard, C., & Porter, K. (2012). Infiltrating the mainstream: the Queensland experience. Vol 10, No. 2 HIV Australia, published by the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations, October 2012
To download full article click here
 153kB Bills, C (2010), Piloting Patients to Better Outcomes, InMotion Magazine, December 2010
 76kB Gale, J. (2007). Health psychology meets coaching psychology in the practice of health coaching. InPsych: The Bulletin of the Australian Psychological Society Ltd, June 2007, pp12-13.    
HealthChange Associates has extensive resources available for download including practice guides, client worksheets, health behavior change case-studies and skills development resources.

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