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The HealthChange® Methodology encourages a trial and error philosophy for clinicians and clients.



  • Physiotherapy Presentation: C.Bills, Using HealthChange® Methodology to deliver best practice physiotherapy care (contact us)


  • AbbVie 
    • COMPASS Conference Presentation: J.Gale, Psychology and impact on communication and adherence: Facilitating behaviour change (contact us)
    • Inner Circle Workshop: C.Bills, Pain, fatigue and depression: The secret to engaging patients with inflammatory diseases using the RICk Principle™ (contact us)
  • APS College of Health Psychologists presentation: J.Gale (contact us)
  • Australian Cardiac Rehabilitation Association pre-conference workshop: J.Gale & C.Bills, Increasing attendance and building behaviour change support into Cardiac Rehab Groups (contact us)
  • Janette Gale, ACRA 2013 Presentation. Evidence-based Behaviour Change Non-negotiables for Clinicians and Cardiac Rehab Groups - watch the video below:

For more information about the theoretical model click here.  
  • Australian Disease Management Association presentation: J.Gale & J.Levesque, Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation: Cancer coaching (contact us)
  • Australian Physiotherapy Association conference presentation: J.Gale & C.Bills, Translating education into practice: Bridging the great divide (contact us)
  • Coaching at Work Conference London presentation: J.Gale, Health and wellness coaching: The secret of the RICk™ Principle (download)
  • Copenhagen University seminar presentation: J. Gale, The HealthChange™ Methodology to health coaching: theory, practice and applications in Australia and Canada. Click here  to watch the video recording.
  • Heart Foundation ACT web-presentation: C.Bills, Helping clinicians to apply best practice care (contact us)

2011 - 2012

  • Australian Disease Management Association, Melbourne
    • Pre-conference workshop: J.Gale (download) 643kB
    • Conference presentation: J.Gale (download) 1.46MB
  • APA Business & Leadership Symposium, Adelaide: J.Gale (download) 1MB
  • Neurodynamics & Neuromatrix Conference, Adelaide: J.Gale (download) 3MB
  • WorkCover NSW Case Study for Case Managers, Sydney: J.Gale/C.Bills (download) 450kB
  • Allied Health Practitioners Conference, Canberra: C.Bills (contact us)  
  • Australian Physiotherapy Association Conference, Brisbane: J.Gale (download) 844kB
  • Australian Cardiac Rehabilitation Association Forum, Brisbane: J.Gale (contact us
  • Amgen & Baxter Healthcare Nephrology Workshop, Sydney: V.Cook (download) 1.71MB
  • Australian Disease Management Association, Canberra 
    • Pre-conference managers workshop: J.Gale/R.McPhee (download) 984kB
    • Pre-conference practitioners workshop: J.Gale/R.McPhee (download) 1.6MB
  • Connecting Care, Sydney: J.Gale (download) 576kB

From 2009 - 2010

  • Chronic Disease Self-management Conference, Toronto: J.Gale (download) 142kB
  • Australian Physiotherapy Association Conference, Gold Coast
  • Bariatric Presentation: V.Cook (download) 343kB
  • Coaching Psychology Unit Conference, Sydney: J.Gale/R.McPhee/V.Cook (download) 743kB
  • Bayer Health Coaching for CCSM, MS Symposium, Sydney: J.Gale (download) 1.25MB
  • In-service for Cranbourne Integrated Care Service: J.Basri (download) 585kB
  • Health Coaching Implementation Managers Meeting 
    • Overview of Program Implementation Issues: J.Gale (download) 512kB
    • 'My Health, My Life', Incorporating Health Coaching in Chronic Disease Self-Management: G.Chapman (download) 218kB
    • Implementation of Health Coaching, the Upper Hume Perspective: H.Still (download) 195kB
    • Embedding Health Coaching into Everyday Practice: T. Forster (download) 179kB
  • Australian Physiotherapy Association Conference Week: J.Gale (download) 585kB
  • Heart Foundation Conference: J.Gale (download) 610kB
  • Lilly Diabetes GP Presentation: J.Gale (download) 2.35MB

Archive Presentations

  • Informa Chronic Disease Management Summit: J.Gale (download) 934kB
  • Australian Disease Management Association Conference: J.Gale (download) 892kB
  • Australian Inaugural Positive Psychology Conference: J.Gale (download) 348kB
  • Sanofi-Aventis Diabetes Educators Presentation: J.Gale (download) 2.05MB
  • Lilly Diabetes GP Presentation: J.Gale (download) 2.35MB
  • FILEX (Wellness Coaching Australia): J.Gale/F.Cosgrove (download) 3.14MB
  • Australian Pain Society & NZ Pain Society Conference: J.Gale (download) 906kB
  • APS/NZPS Joint Conference: H.Linder (download) 166kB
  • ADEA Victoria Conference: J.Gale (download) 531kB
  • Evidence-based Coaching Conference: J.Gale (download) 760kB 
  • Health Coaching Information Day Co-sponsored by APS 
    • Program: (download) 157kB
    • Evidence from the Good Life Club: H.Lindner (download) 150kB
    • Practice Sustainability in Health Organisations: J.Kelly (download) 224kB
    • Practice Nurses and Health Coaching: R.Doyle (download) 93kB 
    • The Diet Dilemma: R.McPhee (download) 81kB
    • Practical Session: J.Gale (download) 55kB
    • Health Coaching in the Emergency Department: M.Allen (download) 2.2MB
    • Complex Cases and CCSM: H.Linder/D.Goodman (download) 74kB
    • Health Coaching: A Diabetes Perspective: M.Lausdauskas (download) 26kB
    • Promoting Physical Activity in Primary Care: J.Basri
    • Sponsors and Supporting Organisations (download) 122kB
    • APS Presidents Address: A.Gordon (download) 110kB 
  • DHS Health Independence Programs Forum
    • Morning Session: J.Gale (download) 552kB 
    • Afternoon Session: J.Gale (download) 669kB
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