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Bridging the gap between health behavior change theory and clinical practice.

Consultancy & Training Team

Janette Gale, Managing Director and Health Behavior Consultant, BA (Psych Hons1), MCommerce, MAPS

Janette is a practicing health psychologist and founder of Health Change Australia and HealthChange Associates overseas. She consults to government and industry on the implementation of health behavior change support for chronic condition prevention, self-management and rehabilitation programs and is a leading authority on health behavior change interventions. She has developed the Health Change Australia Model of Health Behavior Change and authored two textbooks on the subject.

Janette is currently a member of the Clinical Exercise Physiology Advisory Board, School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences within the Faculty of Health at Deakin University and an active member of the Australian Psychological Society College of Health Psychologists. Previously, she was a member of the National Executive Committee for the College and also a member of the NSW Health Chronic Disease Management Program Clinical Expert Reference Group that helped design the NSW Chronic Disease Management Program, 'Connecting Care in the Community'.

Janette's experience includes designing and project managing several innovative community-based, government and industry funded health promotion and education programs targeting lifestyle change for adults and families including the Kangaroo Valley Healthy Community Project (download) funded by the Rural Chronic Disease Initiative, Department of Health and Ageing. 

Janette's Publications:

Gale, J. (2007), Health psychology meets coaching psychology in the practice of health coaching, InPsych, June 2007, The Australian Psychological Society.

Gale, J (2010), Health Coaching Guide for Health Practitioners: Using the HCA model of health coaching, Health Coaching Australia.

Gale, J. (2012), A practical guide to health behaviour change using the HCA approach, Health Change Australia. Gale, J. and Skouteris, H. (2013), Health coaching: Facilitating health behaviour change for chronic condition prevention and self-management, in Handbook of Applied Topics in Health Psychology, M. Caltabiano and L. Ricciardelli, Editors. Wiley-Blackwell.

Skouteris, H., McCabe, M., Milgron, J., Kent, B., Bruce, L., Mihalopoulos, C., Herring, S., Barnett, M., Patterson, D., Teale, G., & Gale, J. (2012), Protocol of a randomised controlled trial of a specialised health coaching intervention to prevent excessive gestational weight gain and postpartum weight retention in women: the HIPP study. BMC Public Health, 12:78

Hill, B., Skouteris, H., McCabe, M., Milgrom, J., Kent, B., Herring, S., Hartley-Clark, L., Gale, J. (2013). A Conceptual Model of Risk and Protective Factors for Excessive Gestational Weight Gain. Midwifery, 29, 110-114

Caroline Bills, Senior Training Facilitator and Project Manager, BAppSci (Physio), Grad Dip Manipulative Therapy, MPhysio (Research)

Caroline is a manipulative physiotherapist who consults in occupational health and works in private practice in the Melbourne CBD. She is passionate about self-management and has extensive clinical experience in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and chronic pain. Caroline holds a Master's degree by research in which she investigated the use of a home gravity traction device and exercise in chronic low back pain.

Since first attending Health Change Australia workshops, Caroline has been integrating the Health Change Approach into her clinical practice where she uses it to assist patients identify and overcome barriers that may prevent them adhering to treatment recommendations.

Angela Kinsella-Ritter, Senior Training Facilitator and Program Manager, Speech Pathologist, MSc (Speech-Language Pathology) MAPS, CPSP

Angela is a speech pathologist specializing in language and literacy and the impact it has on academic achievement. Her extensive experience has included senior roles in community health, disability services, clinical assessment publishing and private practice.

She has worked with children of all ages and abilities and is an award winning researcher who implements Best Practice standards and the most current evidence-based research in her work. A consultant clinical educator in the field of speech and language, Angela is well known throughout Australia and New Zealand for her work which has supported speech pathologists, psychologists, occupational therapists and teachers with training and professional development.

Since the completion of HealthChange® Core Training she has integrated HealthChange® Methodology into her clinical practice. Here she uses it to help parents identify and overcome barriers that might prevent them implementing the therapeutic intervention strategies recommended for their children.

David Carroll, Training Facilitator, Naturopath, BHlthSc (Compl Med), AdvDipHlthSc (Naturopathy), DippAppSc (Nutrition), DippAppSc (Herbal Medicine)

David is a university qualified naturopath, personal fitness trainer and yoga teacher who has a passion for health and personal development. He has spent the last 15 years blending his skills in naturopathic medicine, nutrition, exercise programming and wellness coaching to help people to reach their health and personal development goals.

In addition to running his own health and fitness consultancy David is the director of a training and development consultancy that specializes in facilitating seminars and workshops to groups within the private and corporate sectors, promoting the benefits of exercise, diet and evidence-based nutritional supplements as a way of enhancing workplace productivity, physical health and mental wellbeing.

David has over ten years experience in the corporate sector performing senior roles in sales, marketing and training and development and has worked in a number of global pharmaceutical healthcare companies. David is a strong believer in the HealthChange® Methodology having used the principles and techniques to help his personal training clients create realistic and achievable lifestyle management programs that address their health and fitness goals.

Margaret Barrett, Training Facilitator, B.H.M.S (Ex. Phys), B.Soc Wk, DipEd

Margaret is an exercise physiologist who manages her own practice as a health and wellness consultant working mainly with mining companies. She is passionate about enhancing the quality of life of individuals approaching middle age and beyond and works with her mine site clients to achieve a balanced lifestyle that extends from the manager at the 'coal face' through to mining families and their community.

Margaret works with individuals, conducts group sessions and undertakes public speaking engagements where she emphasizes the importance of prevention rather than cure. She utilizes the HealthChange® Methodology as it has greatly enhanced her success in all aspects of health behavior change from smoking to weight loss and supports her mission to 'live and breathe' health and wellbeing.

Alison Ford, Training Facilitator, B.Phty (QLD), Clinical Pilates Instructor, Author

Alison is a physiotherapist and clinical Pilates instructor with 33 years experience working in Australia and the United Kingdom. She has a special interest in exercise prescription for rehabilitation from spinal injury as well as improving the overall health of mature adults. Alison is passionate about helping people take ownership of their health outcomes and has devoted her working life to achieving this.

She is the author of a number of books and DVDs under the banner of Actively Ageing, a program which she has written and developed into a successful nationwide physiotherapy course with the purpose of improving the health of those in the community who are over 50.

Since Alison's introduction to the HealthChange® Methodology in 2009, she has implemented it into her Actively Ageing program. Alison ensures her physiotherapists throughout Australia can optimize the benefits of her Actively Ageing course with clients by ensuring they are trained in the HealthChange® Methodology within the first 12 months of joining her program.

Beth Macgregor, Training Facilitator, BPsych, (Assoc) MAPS

Beth is a psychologist who has worked in the field of human services for twenty years. She currently runs a learning and development consultancy providing training and supervision services to health and community organizations throughout New South Wales. She is one of the lead authors of NSW Health's online learning program: Giving Children a Safe Start: The Role of Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Workers.

Beth has worked with health staff from a wide range of disciplines throughout Australia and has trained over a thousand professionals in the use of communication and coaching techniques. Beth is passionate about the power that the HealthChange® Methodology has to effect lasting change for clients, as well as the satisfaction that professionals gain from using the model.

Hayley Morey, Training Facilitator, BA OT

Hayley is an occupational therapist with ten years experience working in Australia and the United Kingdom, specializing in neurological rehabilitation and community-based rehabilitation. She has spent the past three years focused on self-management and health behavior change in a Melbourne-based community health service facilitating clients to make positive long term change to reduce the risk and impact of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and other preventable health conditions.

Hayley is trained in the Stanford Model and is licensed to use the Flinders Model of Chronic Condition Self-Management. She is passionate about clients achieving health empowerment and independence.

Since her first introductory workshop with HealthChange Australia in 2007 she has been using the Health Change Model with great results in her practice assisting clients identify and overcome barriers to change and improving their attitude to their own health and wellbeing. She is excited to be a part of the team so she can share what she knows - "the HealthChange® Methodology works"!

Duncan Hunter, Training Facilitator, BHlthSci, M Nutrition & Dietetics

Duncan is a Sydney based dietitian with a passion for all things nutrition. Duncan completed his Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Sydney. Prior to this Duncan completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Natural Therapies) in 2003 and a Certificate IV in Fitness/Personal Training. He is a member of the Dietetic Association of Australia and a Registered Fitness Professional with Fitness Australia.

Duncan has worked as a personal trainer, clinical dietitian at Royal North Shore Hospital and as a consultant dietitian in his own business Nutrition Experts Pty Ltd for the last ten years. Duncan is passionate about utilizing the HealthChange® Methodology to help his clients find a sustainable solution for their health and weight management.

Dr Vanessa Thiele, DPsych (Health) MAPS CHP

Vanessa is a Health Psychologist and fitness trainer who previously owned a successful personal training studio in Victoria. Vanessa has a passion for helping health and fitness professionals increase their work satisfaction by improving client outcomes, particularly engagements where clients are ambivalent in their motivation. Vanessa is a senior training facilitator with Health Change Australia and recognizes the value the HealthChange® Methodology brings in situations where adherence to behavior and lifestyle intervention are vital for improving health outcomes in prevention and intervention settings.



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