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Bridging the gap from theory to practice in providing behavior change support

Building Organizational Capacity

For health service organizations to successfully integrate HealthChange® support into the way that clinicians practice and their health services delivery requires a realignment of processes, tools and systems with the HealthChange® Methodology. This often includes changes to data collection systems, documentation and support tools, alterations to key performance indicators and the allocation of human resources to skills development and systems integration.

Over the last 10 years HealthChange Associates has developed a number of solutions to help managers of health services and programs to embed the methodology and build organizational capacity amongst frontline staff. Our worldwide services are:

  • HealthChange® Clinician Peer Trainer Program
  • HealthChange® Peer Leader Package
  • HealthChange® Methodology Skills Accreditation Program
  • HealthChange® Methodology Group Applications and Program Development 1-day workshop
  • HealthChange® Consultancy and Program Development Support

Selecting a HealthChange® Clinician Peer Trainer Program (PT Program)

The HealthChange® Clinician Peer Trainer Program allows organizations to develop sustainable in-house expertise in these areas whilst building capacity amongst staff members and can support the delivery of HealthChange® Methodology Core Training worldwide.  This train the trainer format provides for in-house delivery of HealthChange® Core Training Part 1 content and can be scaled to include licensed training delivery of HealthChange® Core Training Part 2, Core Training for Managers and other capacity building options.

The HealthChange® Clinician Peer Trainer Program requires significant human resources, time and planning commitments within an organisation. It is only recommended for large organizations as it requires at least 0.5 of a full-time equivalent position (FTE) per Clinician Peer Trainer Candidate for the first 6-9 months. During this time candidates are required to develop their own skills in using HealthChange® Methodology, attend four weeks of trainer training and assessment (broken into two, two week sets), learn the workshop content and deliver practise workshops which will be assessed by HealthChange Associates.  Contact us for more information and pricing.

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