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Bridging the gap from theory to practice in providing behavior change support

HealthChange® Methodology Core Training

Overseas, HealthChange Associates provides professional development training to organizations for frontline clinicians and case managers via its train the trainer format - the HealthChange® Clinician Peer Trainer Package. This package is a customisable package with a number of flexible core training and additional capacity building options. HealthChange Associates works with organizations to design the optimal training pathway and capacity building solution to meet each organizations' need. 

To ensure frontline health practitioners and case managers are proficient in the delivery of client-centred communication and behaviour change support, t
he following training pathway is the minimum recommended for health practitioners and comprises:

  • HealthChange® Core Training Part 1 (2-day) workshop followed by,

  • HealthChange® Core Training Part 2 (1-day) workshop

HealthChange® Core Training Part 1 (CT1): HealthChange® Methodology Basics and Clinical Application

HealthChange® Core Training Part 1 is a 2-day workshop that provides skills training for clinicians, case managers and other service providers in how to use the HealthChange® Practice Principles, Essential Behavior Change Techniques and the 10 step Decision Framework in clinical practice and other health service delivery.  The workshop is facilitated by two highly trained facilitators with clinical backgrounds who contextualize the workshop according to the participant's professional roles and backgrounds so the lessons and skills are relevant and interesting.        

Day 1 Content: HealthChange® Methodology Basics: Patient-centred Practice Principles and Essential Behavior Change Techniques.

Day 2 Content: The Clinical Application of HealthChange® Methodology.

Learning objectives: After completing HealthChange® Core Training Part 1 (CT1), HealthChange® Methodology Basics and Clinical Application participants should be able to:

  1. State the key elements of the HealthChange® Behavior Change Pathway and its relevance to their work.
  2. Understand how a client-centered approach can be operationalized with reference to HealthChange® Practice Principles.
  3. Use the RICk Principle and related skills to recognize where a client is located on the HealthChange® Behavior Change Pathway.
  4. Describe the four HealthChange® categories of barriers to action and facilitators for client behavior change.
  5. Describe Essential Behavior Change Techniques that can be used to identify and address client barriers to action.

HealthChange® Core Training Part 2 (CT2): Implementing HealthChange® Methodology in your Practice

HealthChange® Core Training Part 2 is a 1-day workshop that builds on the content of the (CT1) Part 1 workshop. It provides a 10 step Decision Framework to embed in clinical and other service delivery roles that guides practitioners in how to provide client-centered care, self-management support and behavior change in a clinically effective and time-efficient way that does not add time to consultations. 

Format:  Two formats are available for receiving HealthChange® Core Training. Face-to-face workshops are offered in Australia.  Distance learning options combining telephone and web-based training is available worldwide for organizations. If your organization is outside Australia and thinking of selecting the HealthChange® Clinician Peer Train the trainer program please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Learning objectives:  After completing HealthChange® Core Training Part 2 (CT2), Implementing HealthChange® Methodology in your Practice, participants should be able to:

  1. Have a deeper understanding of the components of the HealthChange® Methodology and how to apply them in their work role/s.
  2. Discuss key questions above and below the Decision Line in the HealthChange® Decision Framework that guide practitioners to effectively engage clients to carry out recommended actions or tasks.
  3. Discuss how the HealthChange® 10 step Decision Framework can be used to conduct consultations, education groups and other health services in a time-efficient way that promotes best clinical practice.                               

Additional Capacity Building Options

HealthChange Associates supports overseas organizations to embed the methodology in systems, processes, documentation, support tools and roles with a range of additional organizational capacity building options. These options are available through the HealthChange® Clinician Peer Trainer Package as each package is customized to the needs of each health organization. The following components are available to support sustainable change and capacity building within organizations:                

HealthChange® Core Training for Managers

The HealthChange® Core Training for Managers half‐day workshop presents a brief overview of HealthChange® Methodology training provided to frontline staff in Core Training workshops, and the systems change implications of integrating this methodology into health service delivery.

The workshop includes discussion of the common challenges and opportunities associated with up‐skilling staff and embedding client‐centred care, self-management support and behaviour change into clinical and other health services and patient education programs. It is designed for team leaders, program managers and middle to senior‐level managers to assist them to facilitate and support practice change.

HealthChange® Methodology Skills Accreditation Program  

The skills accredited program assists with practice change and promotes quality standards in the application of the methodology using case-based activities to improve skills and confidence in using the methodology. 

HealthChange® Methodology Group Applications and Program Development (1-day workshop)

The Group Applications workshop is a half-day workshop that overviews the methodology and the systems change implications of integrating the methodology into health service delivery. It provides guidance for health service providers to systematically build client-centred behaviour change support into group-based programs. It includes program design principles as well as tips, techniques and tools. Additionally, it provides strategies to increase patient recruitment and retention for the duration of their programs.

HealthChange® Peer Leader Support Package

The HealthChange® Peer Leader Support Package (Peer Leader) provides planning, guidance and oigoing support for a small group of key clinicians to enable sustainable practice change and promote ongoing skills development in staff that have completed HelathChange® Core Training.



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