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The HealthChange® Methodology encourages a trial and error philosophy for clinicians and clients.

HealthChange® Consultation Documentation and Tools

HealthChange Associates is happy for individual practitioners or organizations to use these worksheets as long as they are printed with the HealthChange Associates logos and copyright information intact. If you wish to dual brand these worksheets with your own logo, please contact us for further information. 

Display the HealthChange® Inspired Behavior Change Methodology logo on new support tools and documentation

For organizations and clinicians developing support tools and documents using HealthChange® Methodology we can support your change process with our HealthChange® Inspired logo. By displaying this on new documents and support tools you can demonstrate and communicate to other clinicians or team members that you are committed to using patient centered communication and behavior change support in your clinical practice, program or health service. You can also use it in your consultations with clients and tell them that you have chosen this methodology to work with them. Contact us to request the logo. 


HealthChange® Flowcharts & Diagrams

HealthChange® 10 Step Decision Framework (US v.) (Canadian v.) 233kB

HeatlhChange® Model Context Diagram (US v.) (Canadian v.) 378kB

Prioritizing & Agenda Setting Tools

HealthChange® Personal Self-Management Plan (US v.) (Canadian v.) 263kB

See instructions for use in A Practical Guide to Health Behaviour Change Using the HCA Approach. Click here to purchase a copy.

HealthChange® Sample Scripts Steps 1-3 (US v.) (Canadian v.) 449kB

HealthChange® Agenda Setting Pictorial Worksheet. Blank (US v. (Canadian v.) 33kB

What Can You Do To Be Healthier? Pictorial Worksheet (US v.) (Canadian v.) 775kB

HealthChange® Agenda Setting Pictorial Worksheet. Dental (US v.) (Canadian v.) 33kB

HealthChange® Health Profile. Importance & Confidence (US v.) (Canadian v.) 239kB

HealthChange® Health Profile. Importance & Satisfaction (US v.) (Canadian v.) 139kB

HealthChange® Agenda Setting. Pain Management (US v.) (Canadian v.) 187kB

Goal Setting & Action Planning Tools

HealthChange® Personal Goals & Action Plan (US v.) (Canadian v.) 504kB

Tracking & Monitoring Tools

HealthChange® Medication Diary (US v.) (Canadian v.) 54kB

HealthChange® Daily Health Diary. General (US v.) (Canadian v.) 34kB

HealthChange® Daily Health Diary. Diabetes (US v.) (Canadian v.) 27kB

HealthChange® Habit Change Diary (US v.) (Canadian v.) 45kB

HealthChange® Habit Change Diary. Example (US v.) (Canadian v.) 54kB

Client Handouts

HealthChange® Messy Head. Cartoon (US v.) (Canadian v.) 266k

HealthChange® One Thing At A Time. Cartoon (US v.) (Canadian v.) 165kB

HealthChange® Trial & Error (US v.) (Canadian v.) 42kB


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