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Practice change requires staff skills development and systems implementation planning.

HealthChange® Consultancy Services

HealthChange Associates works with partner organizations and health services to develop programs and integrate health behavior change support into existing clinical services, education programs and other health services. Our wide-range of consulting and customization options include assistance with:

  • Program and/or research design input
  • Customized training
  • Group education program audits and redesign
  • Behavior change tools for service providers
  • Consumer tools to support behavior change
  • Skills development support, tracking and/or auditing
  • Quality assurance tools
  • Behavior change systems assistance/audits
  • Telephonic delivery system audits
  • Scripting assistance/audits
  • Documentation and data collection assistance/audits
  • Consumer information and messaging assistance/audits
  • Stakeholder information and messaging assistance/audits, and
  • Program evaluation assistance/audits  

A Collaborative Approach

We invite collaboration with organizations to provide support for research projects in return for recognition of collaboration and access to de-identified research outcome data. HealthChange Associates also provides customized training options for organizations - over 50% of the training we have conducted over the past 10 years has been carried out for organizations via in-house training workshops.

If you are a manager or team leader embarking on a new self-management program contact us to discuss how we can assist with mentoring, program design and system alignment.

Building Organizational Capacity

For health services looking to embed behavior change to improve service delivery or program outcomes, our capacity building options provide support and mentoring of practitioners within organizations. Please contact us for more information. 

Consultancy Services
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Australasian residents

Visit our partner site, Health Change Australia.

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