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HealthChange Associates is a unique consulting and training organisation and a thought leader in the area of person-centred health behaviour change.  Our consulting services have supported dozens of community health programs and government and corporate health services to embed patient-centred health behavior change in their service delivery. Over 7,500 health professionals in Australia and overseas (including Canada and Denmark) have successfully been trained to use HealthChange® Methodology to build clinician skills and organizational capacity to support patient behavior change. 

HealthChange Associates is committed to delivering the highest quality consulting and training services. All of our consultants and training facilitators are qualified health professionals and specialists in HealthChange® Methodology.  

How HealthChange® Methodology aligns with health service imperatives  

HealthChange Associates’ unique clinical practice methodology improves care coordination, care planning, clinical practice and patient education programs for better sub-acute and chronic health condition management by patients and other health service consumers. 

HealthChange® Methodology operationalises and embeds patient-centred care, health literacy, self-management support and behaviour change for increased patient adherence to evidence-based referral, treatment and lifestyle recommendations. It provides a consistent platform for embodying national standards in these areas across agencies, sectors and professions.

The ultimate aims of utilising HealthChange® Methodology are to:
  1. Decrease unplanned hospital admissions, bed days and presentations to emergency departments due to poor management of acute and chronic conditions. 
  2. Improve patient health and quality of life outcomes as well as satisfaction with health service interactions.
  3. Improve recruitment and retention rates of patients into programs and services to promote better management of chronic conditions and recovery from acute injury or illness. 
  4. Decrease wastage of health system resources via engaging patients in their own care, reducing ‘revolving door’ consultations and ‘fail to show’ instances, and increasing clinician work satisfaction and retention.
The methodology assists health service agencies to meet their key objectives by:
  1. Providing them with a Best Practice framework that operationalises patient-centred care and related health service policy objectives in a systematic way across teams and agencies.
  2. Embedding a systematic, consistent and evidence-based approach to the provision of clinical recommendations and patient education.
  3. Promoting and embedding patient health literacy by using simple, consistent and inexpensive structures and tools.
  4. Systematically increasing patient adherence to evidence-based referral, treatment and lifestyle recommendations.
  5. Doing all of the above within current clinical consultation contexts and time frames by restructuring usual clinical and other health service tasks to be more efficient and effective.
HealthChange® Methodology applies to any health service encounter with a patient or consumer where that person is required to carry out any action or task following the encounter. 

The methodology is consistent with all major models of self-management and patient-centred care and is used in a broad range of contexts in acute care, sub-acute care and primary care. It operationalises the Home and Community Care services; enhances delivery of care planning and chronic care management in Primary Care medical practices; provides program delivery and data collection structure for telephone-based chronic disease management (CDM) programs, care coordination and triage services; provides a consistent framework for delivery of integrated chronic disease management, hospital admission risk reduction and other CDM programs, and provides a time-efficient consultation structure for private and public medical and allied health clinicians. 

The methodology respects clinicians’ current skill sets and helps them to use these more efficiently and effectively. It enables clinicians to better balance their duty of care with a patient’s right to make fully-informed decisions about their health care in a way that respects their individual needs. It allows organisations to provide simple and consistent messages to health service consumers using consistent language. It has the potential to provide significant savings to health systems and significantly better clinical outcomes for patients and other health service consumers.

The methodology is not coaching. It is based on an evidence-based behavior change methodology but is used by many clinicians who act in a health coaching capacity.  To understand the difference click here  to download the Health Change Spectrum and to read more about HealthChange® Methodology click here 

Our Vision 

To enable and assist health professionals and health organizations to deliver positive long term patient-centred care including health behavior change support within their client populations and communities at all stages of the health continuum.


The Health Continuum


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